The Club has three groups. The Thursday group, which was the original group of the Pirbright Art Club, has been running as an evening group since the Club's inception in October, 1999. However, from September 2014, the Thursday group became an afternoon group, meeting on the third Thursday of each month. This means that the Tuesday group, meeting on the last Tuesday of each month, became the only evening group. A new daytime group which is dedicated to drawing, started in 2013. Meetings take place on selected Mondays each calendar month and "themes" will be different from those on the other two sessions.

Maggie Read is on hand to help members with their work on an individual basis. Maggie is a qualified art tutor, teaching all aspects of drawing and painting in many different media. For further information on Maggie Read, see her website at

There is an optional theme and suggested medium each month for anyone who needs inspiration! Members bring their own reference or source material to work from and use the medium of their choice. We work in a wide range of media, including watercolour, pen and wash, acrylics, pastels and oils. Please note, oil painters should only use water-mixable or low-odour oils.

A condition for exhibiting at the main Annual Exhibition in that members must have attended at least 4 sessions in the previous year. New members must attend at least two of the three Autumn meetings to qualify for entry in the current year’s Exhibition.

Members can purchase a card of 5 vouchers at a slight discount from the monthly fee of £7 (cards are £30). Maggie will then tick off one session each time the member attends. Voucher-cards can be purchased at any meeting.

Thursday Group

This group meets in the clubroom of Lord Pirbright's Hall, on Pirbright Green, between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month. This group is limited to 26 members and is currently full.

Tuesday Group

This group meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the clubroom of Lord Pirbright's Hall, on Pirbright Green, between 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm. This group is limited to 26 members and is currently full.

Monday Group

This group meets at the Lord Pirbright's Hall on Mondays once a month between 1:30pm and 3:45pm. The group is limited to 26 members and is currently full. The Monday group have separate and distinct themes, which can be seen in the table below.

Dates, Themes and Media for early 2017

Thursday and Tuesday Groups

  Thurs Tues Subject (@) Medium
Jan 19th 31st

Figure drawing - with live model (clothed).

Those members taking part in the theme will be asked for a small contribution to the model's fee.

Bring drawing materials and several medium / large sheets of cartridge paper(*) + board.
Feb 6th 6th Drawing Horses - a special arranged workshop with well-known equine painter Jim Powers (member of Society of Equestrian Artists) Details to follow. Book your places soon on this workshop - places limited. Times 1:30 - 4:30pm.
Feb 16th 28th Horse studies. Maggie will help you draw or paint horses, using anatomical handouts and her own knowledge of horses. Examples will be on show. Bring work from workshop to develop, or start afresh. Choice of medium + bring sketch book. Bring own photo references, if needed.
Mar 16th 28th Birds - close-up studies of colourful birds - drawing plumage and markings in detail. Adding soft focus background colour and texture. Pastel pencils - various colours, black drawing paper(*), e.g. Canson. Photo references available.
Apr 20th 25th Birds in flight - study of shapes and scale. How to incorporate birds into your picture. Choice of drawing / painting media. Bring prepared land / seascape.
May 18th 30th Selection of work / advice session. Preparing for Summer exhibitions.

Optional still-life painting theme for this session.
Bring your own recent work for approval / selection / framing(**).

Own still-life objects / choice of media.
June 15th 27th Drawing a figure outdoors - live model!

Those members taking part in the theme will be asked for a small contribution to the model's fee.

Work indoors if you prefer or if weather is bad.
NOTE : TUESDAY CLUB LIVE MODEL HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Please use still life set-up or own work.
A chance to draw "en plein air". Bring a seat + easel (if you own one). Pencils, graphite sticks or charcoal.
July 20th 25th Portrait drawing session - from photos. You may bring your own close-up photo. Drawing materials and paper(*)
Aug     No Meeting  

Maggie will normally demonstrate or show examples at each session.

(*) Maggie will have paper for sale at these sessions.

(**) Danny Doyle will be happy to receive framing orders for our exhibitions. He will be taking orders at the May Tuesday evening session.

Monday Group

  Monday Subject Medium
Jan 23rd Misty Scenes
Maggie will bring reference but please bring own photos if you can.
White pastel and Pastel Pencil on black paper. Maggie will have Canson paper for sale.
Feb 6th Drawing Horses. A special workshop with artist Jim Powers (member of Society of Equestrian Artists). Demonstration to start after which Maggie and Jim will help to put learning into practice.

An extra £2 contribution will be requested to cover the artist's fee.
Proportion and shading techniques using pencil and charcoal. Handouts and drawing paper provided.
Mar 20th Horses in Action. Continuation / practice session - you may wish to add horses from photos to a scene. Use your preferred medium and paper.
Apr 3rd Night Scenes. Maggie will bring photo references. Pastels / pastel pencils and Colorfix pastel paper (or similar grainy pastel surface in a dark colour). Please ask Maggie if you wish to order paper. Ordinary dark pastel paper can be used if desired.
May 8th Perspective Drawing. Still-life objects (boxes, books, etc.). How to plot the salient points of a group of objects and check the angles. Pencils and sketch paper only.
June 5th Still-life with Flowers.

Selection for the Outdoor "Railings" exhibition (29th July) takes place at the June meeting. Please bring your work.
Watercolour pencils. HP (smooth) watercolour paper, a brush and water container. A short demo and practice session first to find out how they work!
July 10th Drawing Buildings - Outdoors. Cricket pavilion, cottages, pubs, village hall, etc.. Indoors if bad weather. Pen and Wash. HP paper.

Bring seat, warm clothing!
Aug   No Meeting