Pirbright Art Club now has four  groups. Thursday Group 1, which was the original group of the Club, is an afternoon group, meeting on the third Thursday of each month, 1:30pm - 4pm. Tuesday Group, meeting on the last Tuesday of each month, 4:30pm - 7pm is the only early evening group. Monday Drawing Group, which opened in 2013 has meetings on selected Mondays each calendar month, 1:30pm - 4pm. Our new group - Thursday Watercolour Plus! - meets on the second Thursday of each month, 1pm - 4pm. Each group has a maximum of 26 members and some members join more than one group.

Maggie Read is on hand to help members with their work on an individual basis. Maggie is a qualified art tutor, teaching all aspects of drawing and painting in many different media. For further information on Maggie Read, see her website at

There is an optional theme and suggested medium each month for anyone who needs inspiration! Members bring their own reference or source material to work from and use the medium of their choice. We work in a wide range of media, including watercolour, pen and wash, acrylics, pastels and oils. Please note, oil painters should only use water-mixable or low-odour oils.

A condition for exhibiting at the main Annual Exhibition is that current members must have attended at least 4 sessions in the previous year. New members must attend all three Autumn meetings to qualify for entry in the Annual Exhibition this year.

Members can purchase a card of 5 vouchers at a slight discount from the monthly fee of £7 (cards are £30). Maggie will then stamp one session each time a member attends. Voucher-cards can be purchased at meetings.

Thursday Group (1)

This group meets in the clubroom of Lord Pirbright's Hall, between 1:30 pm and 4:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month. This group is limited to 26 members and is currently full.

Tuesday Group

This group meets on the last Tuesday of each month in the Clubroom, between 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm. It has a maximum of 26 members and currently has a few spaces available. Please contact Maggie Read, if you are interested in joining.


Monday Drawing Group

This group meets in the Main Hall on selected Mondays once a month between 1:30pm and 4pm. The group is limited to 26 members and is currently full. Monday group has separate themes, see the table below.

Thursday Watercolour Plus! Group

Thursday Watercolour Plus! Group meets on the second Thursday of each month in the Clubroom between 1pm - 4pm. Demonstrations based on the monthly themes take place in the Main Hall at 1pm. This group has a maximum of 28 members and is currently full with a waiting list.

Please contact Maggie Read if you would like to be added to the waiting list for any of our groups.

Dates, Themes and Media for Spring/Summer 2019

An overview of Club Meetings, for all groups, for Spring 2019, as well as other important Club dates, can be downloaded here. This is the Word version and this is the PDF version

Thursday Group (1) and Tuesday Group

Thurs Tues Subject Medium
Apr 18th 30th Butterflies & moths in pastel-pencils. Close-up studies from photos. For those with a love of detail and colour - create your own fantasy painting/s! Dark pastel paper / board. Pastel-pencils - various colours (You could use another medium if preferred). Reference photos will be available.
May 16th 28th Advice session. What to exhibit for the ‘Railings’ Exhibition plus Frame re-cycling! Sell your unwanted frames (good-as-new condition). Also continuing with own projects Bring new work for selection and for tips on how to complete. Also bring any new/used frames for re-sale to other members. Your choice of medium & subject
Jun 20th 25th Open theme. Work on own projects.  
Jul 18th 30th Drawing Boats - tips and tricks. Pencil studies

Maggie will normally demonstrate or show examples at each session.

(*) Maggie will have paper for sale at these sessions.

Monday Drawing Group

  Monday Subject Medium
Apr 29th

Line & wash - buildings in moorland/mountainous setting  Maggie will have some reference but please bring your own photos - perhaps of Exmoor; Scottish Lochs or Lake District?

You will need non-permanent ink pen/s, as the grey washes will come from adding water to the line drawing. No colour involved this time.
May June 3rd Selection of work for the ‘Railings’ Exhibition Advice on presentation and display. If you need help choosing piece/s of work to mount/frame for the exhibition - bring a selection of your drawings or paintings. You may work on your own choice of drawing project this session - using a preferred medium
Jun 24th Portrait in coloured pencil, using cross-hatching - mature/aged faces. We will build up colour gradually and softly in layers. Good quality coloured pencils (not w/colour pencils please) and fine surface cartridge paper. Also bring an HB pencil
Jul Aug 5th Real-life studies from nature - trees, clouds, reflections Working outdoors, around the village green, if the weather allows - if not Maggie will have some back-up reference photos. Bring a folding seat and wear layers of clothing. You may work inside if you prefer, of course.   Bring a sketchpad and range of drawing materials

(*) Maggie will have paper for sale at these sessions.

Thursday Watercolour Plus! Group

  Monday Subject Medium
Apr 11th Spring flowers. Coloured acrylic inks used with watercolour, on ‘not’ or ‘rough’ surfaced watercolour paper. The style will be impressionistic and the flowers will be close-up studies. Bring some real flowers or work from photos. Maggie will have some photo-reference as backup. You will need acrylic inks in several bright colours, as well as watercolour materials. Bring white acrylic ink or white gouache to add detail.
May 9th Paint your dragon!  creative, experimental session, using various materials with watercolour, e.g. coloured inks. Bring own reference.

Dragon paintings may be exhibited at the Pirbright Dragon Fair.
You may bring coloured inks, fine-liner coloured pens or other media, to add interest. Gold paint would be an idea1
Jun 13th Watercolour sunsets with landscapes in silhouette! Practice a graduated wash, using primary colours, then paint the landscape in black ink with coloured inks dropped in for vibrancy and depth.

Also today - pricing and labelling for the "railings" exhibition. Bring your entries.
You will need good quality paper for this technique - at least 300gsm weight. The surface can be "not" or "rough". Bring black and coloured inks, as well as your watercolours.
Jul 11th Animal portraits in watercolour and pastel - painted washes and pastel texture! Details can be added with pastel pencils. Own photos. You need to bring soft pastels and a few pastel pencils, as well as watercolour materials and "not" surface paper. Maggie has spare pastels if you want to have a try and don't have any of your own.

(*) Maggie will have paper for sale at these sessions.strong>